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Clear Aligner – ( NO BRACES )

What are the options for teeth straightening ?

Clear Aligners are latest technology in orthodontic dentistry and has evolved from the concept of NO-BRACES – it means your crooked teeth will get corrected without using metal, ceramic, invisible or lingual braces. Clear Aligner technology helps in straighten your teeth using series of clear plastic custom-made aligner trays customized to fit each jaw. Aligners are individually made with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into proper place and are adjusted on a stage – by – stage basis commonly done in adult’s orthodontic treatment sometimes called as invisible orthodontics.

Since your aligner system is custom made for your teeth and your teeth only, with a plan devised by you and your dentist, you know you will have a smile that you wanted…. Clear Aligners consists of series of transparent, invisible splints ( Trays ) which carries tooth movement over the period of time, which has to be changed every 2 to 4 weeks time.

CLEAR – ALIGNERS consists of series of transparent, invisible splints (Trays) which carries tooth movement over the period of time, which has to be changed every 4-6 weeks.

Now nearly everyone who needs straighter teeth can be treated with Clear Aligner .

Get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted……

Clear aligners is a patient proprietary system that uses a 3D software for modeling and a cutting edge aligner manufacturing technology to provide a clear, flexible, comfortable and removable solution for straightening of your teeth.

Treatable conditions with Clear Aligners.
Clear aligners can treat a broad range of dental and orthodontic conditions, which can be treated with braces only in past. Clear aligners can be effectively used in conditions like -

  • Crowding of teeth.
  • Spacing in between teeth.
  • Overbite conditions.
  • Underbite conditions.
  • Deepbite conditions.
  • Openbite conditions.

  • Clear aligners are affordable – we consider it to be the most cost-effective form of orthodontic treatment as compared to braces or other methods.
  • Extremely Convenient – you just have to simply brush your aligner with your tooth brush everyday when you brush your teeth.
  • Comfortable – you won’t have any problems with tissue abrasions as compared to regular dental braces.
  • Almost Invisible – it is made of safe clear materials so other people will hardly notice you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Can Easily be removed when ever you want – you can eat what ever you want, whenever you want and just put the aligner back on your teeth when you finish eating…